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Prearo Lighting
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Prearo Collezioni Luce S.r.l. is one of the most successful classic lighting and indoor decorations companies in Veneto. It was established in 1938 in the heart of Venice by its founder Angelo Prearo and today, after almost 100 years of history, it operates in the Venetian backcountry under the governance of the Prearo family who, with pride and passion, continue to produce unique handcrafted pieces appreciated all over the world. Prearo Collezioni Luce perfectly combines the prestige of skilful metal processing and the precision of the ancient Venetian tradition of selecting crystals, glass, and precious materials, without disregarding design and project innovation. .

These precious handcrafted works of art have brought even more lustre to the company, which is aimed at the production of classic and contemporary luxury lighting production, and which sets itself apart on the market as a company specialised in ‘handcrafted’ and ‘artisanal’ production to meet the requirements and dreams of its clients. “We often receive feedback from our Clients saying that, our chandeliers look brand new even after several years of use, but that – more importantly - our metals never go rusty! These reviews make us see the importance of having taken the more difficult route, but one that we continue to walk along: that is, working with quality and respecting the Client, going against a market veering towards mass production and globalised production”. This is Prearo, we are Prearo and everyone who has chosen or who will choose Quality with us, will contribute to keeping alive the century-old expertise of the historic artistic production of Venetian lighting.

Caterina and Luciano Prearo.


Some Significant Dates

Since 1938, the year in which Prearo Collezioni Luce was established, the company has been overseen Luciano e Caterina Prearo who, alongside their daughter Mariachiara, link three generations of the Prearo family. From commission to creation, all Prearo products carry with them the brand’s unique and unmissable artistic style. The client is the soul of the project. Our goal is giving shape to their desires, values, and individuality which, thanks to our lighting and almost 100 years of expertise as master chandelier makers, bring light to every corner of the world.


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Catalogs Light Collection

A collection of catalogues divided into Classic and Modern, that contain the productions of Prearo Collezioni Luce.


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address: via Marghera 20
30010 Lughetto di Campagna Lupia Venice Italy

+39 041 476 29 30
+39 334 881 4031 (Italian time)

Show Room

Lughetto di Campagna Lupia Venice Italy

Open on Friday morning from 9.00 AM to 12.30 PM
Saturday morning only on request.


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